A sincere ‘thank you’ goes out from the Organizing Committee to everyone who attended Undisciplined yesterday. We were floored by your enthusiasm, your participation, (your punctuality!) and your kind words.

We are especially grateful to all of our sponsors; to the Society of Graduate and Professional Students and to the School of Graduate Studies: Dean of Graduate Students for their funding, and to Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre and to the Queen’s AMS for their generous equipment donations. A huge thank you goes out to to our keynote speaker Dr. Will Straw, from the Department of Art History & Communications Studies at McGill University. Dr. Straw graciously implored that the funds we had allocated towards his speakers fee be put towards our childcare and catering costs.

Thank you for Cultural Studies’ own generous financial contribution, and to the Departments of Art, Geography, Gender Studies, Film & Media and the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining (our CS affiliate departments) for their generous funding and support.

We would like to thank last year’s Acting Director of Cultural Studies, Dr. Susan Lord, for her guidance and enthusiasm. We thank our recently returned Director Dr. Lynda Jessup for all the work she’s done in prior years, and continues to do, in order to keep Cultural Studies a place where creations such as Undisciplined can occur. We thank the Cultural Studies Steering committee for continuing to fight for our program in increasingly difficult financial and political times at the University, for teaching our fantastic core courses and for their genuine investment in our growth as cultural studies scholars.

Lastly, we thank all of the cultural studies students for their attendance at and interest in Undisciplined, and for donating delicious food both to the symposium and to the soirée.

From Kali, Lisa, Jessie, May, Sofia, Victoria, Fumi and Mansoor, thank you – truly – for making Undisciplined possible, and for making it memorable. We look forward to seeing what Undisciplined becomes next year.

Warm regards,

~ The Undisciplined Organizers