Hello wonderful Undisciplined presenters, supporters and future attendees:

In order to reduce our catering costs (and help keep Undisciplined a ‘free’ and more accessible event), we’re asking Cultural Studies students to bring snacks to the conference. Tables will be set up for you to place your baked goods (homemade or purchased), juice, fruit and vegetables. Please make sure that whatever you bring does not require preparation or utensils. We greatly appreciate these donations. Please also bring the ingredient list with you so that those with dietary restrictions can know what they can and cannot eat.

We’re also asking that all attendees bring reusable water/coffee cups in order to minimize our waste. Disposable cups will be available, but in limited quantities. We’ll have coffee carafes and water pitchers on hand to keep you quenched.

We look forward to seeing everyone at 9am for the Introduction and launch of Undisciplined!

~ The Organizing Committee