Undisciplined Presentation Schedule
Robert Sutherland Room 240 3rd Floor, John Deutsch Centre


9:00-9:10 Opening Remarks Susan Lord

9:10-10:20 CLUSTER I Un-Settling Colonial Narratives
Introduction by May Chew

Karl Hardy “Unsettling Hope: Investigating the potential for a decolonized
social-ecological utopianism”

Adam Lewis “Toward An Intersection of Feminist Resistance: Anarcha-Feminism, Indigenous Feminism and the Possibilities of Anarcha-Indigenism”

Jessica Jacobson-Konefall “Decolonizing Settler Legacies: Space and Citizenship in Canadian-based Aboriginal New Media Art”

10:20-10:30 COFFEE BREAK

10:30-12:00 CLUSTER II Figuring the Body-Politic
Introduction by Jessica Marion Barr

Shelley Aylesworth-Spink “A relational view of discourse and biological citizenship”

Amy Freier “Traumatic Objects/Traumatic Objectives: Framing and Embodying Memory in the Memorial Museum”

Fumi Sakata “Disarticulating Race: An Analysis of a Mask as Discursive Practice”

Jobb Arnold “Action and Apparatus: Questions of Social Struggle and Ontology”

12:00-12:50 LUNCH

12:50-2:00 CLUSTER III Staging and Screening Identities
Introduction by Victoria Millious

Kalanthe Khaiat “Read and Experienced Discursive Feminization of Stage Managers in Canadian Theatre Culture”

Zhi Lei “Moving Beyond the “Literary Chinatown”: De-Ghettoization of Ethnicity from Bone to The End of East”

Andrea Aldrovandi “Screened Latinas: A Comparative Review of Glee, Ugly Betty and Their Latina Characters”

2:00-2:10 COFFEE BREAK

2:10-3:20 CLUSTER IV F(r)ictional Landscapes
Introduced by Lisa Figge

Sofia Rivera Sotelo “Interrogating the Sustainability of Development: A Comparative Study across Colombia and Canada”

Barbara Meneley “unsettling the last best west: disturbing mythologies in mainstream Canadian nationhood”

Cynthia Mykytyshyn “Beyond the ‘Horizon’: New Visions of Nature in Ottawa Art”

“Reading from a Distance: Canadian Cultural Studies Across Media”